Friday, May 27, 2011


Ed and his best friend, Kevin, had a tee time this morning to play golf.  When Kevin showed up to pick Ed up, they were dressed alike.  Kevin asked, "Will you take our prom picture?" It was so funny and of course I took him seriously so here it is.  They told me not to post it on facebook but never said a word about my blogspot.  I think my husband forgets I even have it....Oh well!

Dad & Daughter Time

We were at Carl and Cassie's house for Cassie's 40th birthday and they decided to play basketball.  I couldn't resist capturing their moments together.
 Ed showing Haley how to shoot a basket....
 I don't know if he is giving her advice or if they are praying over the ball...LOL

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


In Pleasures Evermore, author Sam Storms observes:

David desired to dwell in the presence of God,
to behold God, to meditate upon the beauty
and splendor of God, to bask in the invigorating light
and glory of everything that makes God an object
of our affection and delight and adoration. . . .
The results of this passionate pursuit of God are
staggering.  Not only is beholding the beauty of
the Lord indescribably enjoyable, it is profoundly

Oh Lord, transform me.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Bell Intermediate Dance Concert

My daughter goes to Bell Intermediate and she is on the dance team.  They had their dance concert this past week and I am posting a couple of pictures.  There was a lot of movement and the lighting wasn't great but....

I am very proud of her.  She loves to sing and dance and had a great time this year on dance team.  She has met some really great girls on the dance team.  She is hoping to try out for the competition team next year so pray that she makes it and that we can afford it!!


I am late posting Easter pics, I know...We had a great time with my in-laws.  The big fun this year was trying to steal my son's candy.  He does not like to share with ANYONE.  As soon as all his candy is in his basket, his basket goes into his room and no one is allowed any of it.  So here are a couple of pics of family attempting to steal his candy...even grandma got into it!