Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Marines, Marines, Marines

We are now in the process of enlisting my son in the U.S. Marine Corps.  He cut his hair, took out his earrings and shaved his chin beard.  Can you believe it?!?!
In the midst of all this me and Taylor served with the Patriot's Ministry at a memorial for the 1/5 Marines at Camp Pendleton.  Seventeen fallen Marines who died in Afghanistan from April to September were honored.

We served lunch at a reception for about 600 Marines and the families of the fallen.  It was a great experience to serve, and better yet to serve side by side with my son.

U.S. Marine Corps

So many things have happened in the past couple of weeks and I wish I was better about blogging more frequently....so there might be several posts in a row to update all on what is happening at my house.
On Wednesday, October 26 I was making dinner when my son told me that he had finally figured out what he wanted to do for college. (He is a high school senior and has been seemingly dragging his feet...at the expense of my frustration).  My eyes lit up as I asked him what he had decided on.  He proceeded to hand me a U.S. Marine Corps Brochure.  My first response?  I started to cry...not because I don't support him but for a mom, when you hear your son say that, your instant thought is "He is going to go to war and die".  After my initial shock and after telling dad.  We had some good family talks over the next few days.  He has been thinking about this for over a year...I am so proud of my son and his desire to serve this country.  Freedom is not free and I understand that even more now that my son is willing to give it all for us.