Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Marines and Teens

My son has been at Marine Corps boot camp for seven weeks...and I miss him so much.  I realize it is because of the memories of the great times we have had as a family.  Even though he is absent, we are still making memories...and that is what is hard.  To continue to make family memories when a part of your family is missing.  Saturday we went to the International Street Fair and ate until we exploded.  Saturday it was Harbor House late night for shakes.  It was hard to see the empty chair and know this is one of my son's favorite places.  Sunday was Balboa Island, Newport Pier and Ruby's on the pier for lunch.  As we share memorable moments as a family I realize that we move on, change, grow up and adjust.  My son is an adult now and basically, on his own...But this mom didn't realize how hard it would be to let go...

Now I watch my husband wrestle with our daughter and laugh and play.  She is starting high school this week and is very excited.  I can tell my husband misses our son because he is spoiling our daughter.  (I think to make up for her being the only one right now).  But she is grateful.  He surprised her with something she wanted on Sunday and she cried because she knows it was given out of love.  

Today I sit in contentment, gratitude and joy.  As I prayed to God this morning, I thanked Him for the amazing marriage me and Ed have and the love that is still on fire after 23 years.  I thanked Him for my son -  honorable, courageous and committed.  The son that desires to be disciplined and a leader and defender of our freedom.  I thanked Him for my daughter - merciful, kind and loyal.  The daughter that has a heart for service and would give all she had to someone who needed it more.  

Can I stop time today and always see the blessings in my life and never see the struggles?  I want to sit in contentment and gratitude and joy every day. This, my family, is what matters and what lasts.

What causes you to be content, grateful and joyous?

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